Second Giveaway

Congratulations to Maame Nhyria Addai! Nhyria is the winner of the very first Ivery Arie: The Contemporary African Woman blog giveaway!

Didn’t win this week? Don’t get discouraged! We are having another giveaway this week but there are NEW RULES.

For this week’s giveaway, under this post, you must describe what makes YOU a Contemporary African Woman. Your response must be at least 2 sentences long. Your response may include personal accomplishments, struggles, career, or anything you feel qualifies you as a woman living in modern times.

The last day to enter is Feb. 19, 2017 by 11:59pm EST. Once you have entered your response, there will be a random drawing and  the lucky winner will be announced Monday Feb. 20th!

Below are the pictures of this week’s giveaway item. Special thanks to Bobola for modeling this top for me! This off-the-shoulder Ankara inspired top is made from 100% authentic HiTarget African fabric. It is a perfect blend of chic and casual and fits perfectly with almost any bottoms.


Model is a size Small. One Size Fits Most. Don’t forget to join in on the conversation on the Contemporary African Woman group on Facebook!

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11 comments on “Second Giveaway

  1. Diamond

    What makes me a Contemporary African Woman is that I strive for success. I do not allow an opportunity to pass me up, and I absolutely love listening to people who discourage me… simply because they are my biggest motivators. In this day and age, people still put me down because I am a double minority, but they forgot that I can accomplish as much as they can and then some because of who I am. I am allowed to do whatever I please for my benefit and I won’t allow anyone to hinder my success.

  2. What makes me a Contemporary African woman is that I am hustler. I make an effort to reach my dreams via school, running a growing hair business, and just vos trusting God. I try my best to learn something everyday and work hard with no regrets. That’s what make me a woman living in the contemporary realm! Thanks for letting me share 🙂.

  3. Thanks Belle! Keep up the good work.

  4. Chinwendu Ejimadu

    What makes me a Contemporary Woman is that I know what it took to get me where I am so I work harder to get where I need to be. “No” is motivation to me. Negative statements push me forward. If someone says no I will work harder to prove them wrong because nothing will get in the way of all I have worked for. I live everyday pushing through, trying to get better in any circumstance with my family by my side. Previous failure will not bring me down. Living in this world has taught me to always finish what I started because opportunity only knocks once.

  5. I am modeled by the complexities of life in a general sense. The true nature of African-ness, implies that one be aware of the abundance of social and cultural mores that are, for me, the rich fabrics of this garment I wear as an African woman. Having lived here in the States for 23 years, I am still driven by these mores…my African social and cultural mores, that is.

  6. I love this! Thanks Nkem!!

  7. I am a CAW because I am evolving with the world and exposing myself to new cultures and experiences. I continue to challenge myself with my career as a woman in STEM and strive to be the best I can be. I am a strong self sufficient lady and enjoy spending time with my family and friends and most especially, myself. My culture is very important to me and I LOVE IT! From the language to the festivals and occasional meet ups with my fellow Africans.

  8. Ola Okubanjo

    What makes me a Contemporary African Woman is no different than being a Traditional African Woman, I aim to spread love and healing to those around me. African women have since the beginning of time held the weight of the world on their shoulders and during this time, in this country, we bear the weight even more. The only thing that keeps the world going is Love. Love casts out darkness, Love gives you strength when you think you can’t go any further, and Love will heal this nation in time. A Contemporary African Woman, A Traditional African Woman and An African Woman period all have the same goal – To Heal and To Love. That’s who I am, and that’s what I do.

  9. Beautiful! Thank you Ola for visiting!

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