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SheHiveDC: An Inspiring Experience

Check out my inspiring experience at SheHiveDC this weekend!

This Wednesday is going to be a little different.

If you have been following my social media platforms, you know that I attended SheHiveDC hosted by the organization She Leads Africa. SLA is an organization dedicated towards supporting African women in business with resources, rich online content as well as organized events similar to the one I attended. I will be posting a lot of pictures, so keep scrolling!

In addition to the inspirational women I met this weekend, I was very pleased with the ideas and businesses these women have started. Before attending this conference, I had 3 goals in mind.

One. To network and meet inspiring African women in business.

Two. To find a business mentor.

Three. To share and advertise my blog and possible features of these women on here.

And I am happy to say, I left accomplishing all three of my goals AND more.



3 comments on “SheHiveDC: An Inspiring Experience

  1. Awesome post and photos of the event!I’m looking forward to reading more! Tonye 🌸


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