Not a Doctor, an Engineer or a Nurse: Guide to Survive African Parties

As an African, I receive tons of unsolicited advice from “well-meaning” adults. They do not even have to be my family members. In the United States, it seems like there is a craze for a few professions and not being in these fields unequivocally makes you are a failure.
These professions, I am sure that you already know them, are doctor, engineer and nurse. While the obsession with the first two is not specific to the United States, the urge to pursue nursing studies does not exist in the countries I lived in (Cote d’Ivoire and Benin). For Africans, as well as Asians (as my Korean and Vietnamese sources have told me), any other major will lead to you working at McDonalds.

Here are Four Things you need to do to preserve your sanity and self-confidence when you attend an African party”

• Have a plan: You need to know exactly what you want to do with your major. This includes the companies hiring and the requirements to get these jobs.

• Do not argue: shows that your decision has been taken based on punctilious research. This will be a powerful demonstration of your confidence.

• Don’t Fool Yourself: You know they will still loudly voice their opinion. After all, it is not really about helping you. Most of the time, their aim is to show that their knowledge of the job market (and everything else) surpasses yours.

• Lie: You may consider lying to them and acting like you will research the options they have just enumerated for you. You really don’t have to. After all, you know yourself and your abilities. Everyone cannot be a doctor, an engineer or a nurse. This does not mean that you are not ambitious and smart.

At the end of the day, remember not to take everything too seriously!

-Carole Ahossin

Ivery Arie
Author: Ivery Arie

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