Recent floods around the world have left families in tears.

Mother nature has been hard on us the last couple of weeks! Sigh. Many people have lost their lives and property to flooding in Freetown, Sierra Leone and Texas.

Immediately following the mudslide and flooding August 14th in Sierra Leone, the government announced that over 1000 people lost their lives.SierraLeone

Just a couple of weeks later, Hurricane Harvey sent over 4 feet of rain through the cities on the gulf coast of Texas.texas

Despite the irrelevant news that tries to distract us from real issues in the world, it warms my heart to see others helping each other survive despite our differences. So many opportunities for donations and community service have surfaced and people are, slowly but surely, getting the help they need. Even our favorite celebrities and leaders have taken out time to support those who seek shelter, food and water.

Wonder how you can give back? If you’re like me, you may not be able to give back in person, but here are some websites where you can donate to the recovery of Freetown and Texas.

View more pictures about what happened in these places.

Freetown, Sierra Leone

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Houston, Texas

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