What the Winds Brought

Since the last two months we have experienced much calamity in the world from natural disasters, particularly the hurricanes that ravaged Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico. This poem, What the Winds Brought by Chisom Unegbu sums up these events.

What the Winds Bought

Mother Nature’s laborious contractions, a seismic purging, and we the recipients of these angry birth pangs, brace ourselves. The entrails of her soul left for us. Left to residue and ashes, we were, but from this rubble we can rise.

The hurricanes made man collide with each other in a way we would not expect. We were once human, and the aftermath made us gentler, now humankind. And so we pull from our wreckage what we can salvage, and in the process find what we lost, or better yet, found what was there, but now uncovered, the ability to feel again, to love thy neighbors as we love ourselves. This is what the winds brought.

-Chisom Unegbu

Ivery Arie
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