Natural Hair Lessons

I spent a year transitioning and another year wearing protective styles, growing and honestly avoiding dealing with my 4c hair. In between styles, I would play with my 4c hair, but nothing significant. This summer, I determined that I would wear my natural hair out for at least 4 weeks. Not only have I come to love playing around with my hair, being natural has also taught me or reminded me, rather, some very important lessons pertaining to the way I approach life.

1. Be flexible. My hair often does not turn out how I would like, just as in life, things don’t always go the way you want them to. Learning to roll with the punches goes a long way.

2. Be creative.This goes hand in hand with being flexible. When you are flexible, it’s easy to be creative since you’re not stuck on your first plan. My favorite hairstyles have been born out of getting creative when my hair doesn’t come out how I want it.

3. What works for others won’t always work for you. Youtube has been my best friend the last few weeks, but my hair is uniquely my own and does not always turn out the same way someone with the same texture. I’ve got to get to know my hair in order to learn what’s best for my hair and act accordingly. In the same way, advice from others is great and often needed but, at the end of the day, I’ve got to know myself so that I can do what’s best for ME.

4. Trial and error. To find what’s best for your hair, you’ve gotta take a risk on a hair product or six. And if you’re like me you may or may not some light research before buying. Sometimes, I love the result, sometimes I don’t. Either way, I’ve learned something new about my hair. Likewise, so many professional, educational, etc. opportunities are missed if we are unwilling to take a risk. It won’t always be the best decision, but you learn some new things about yourself along the way that make the risk totally worth it.

5. Love whats yours. Your hair may be kinkier than someone else’s and your hair may be softer than someone else’s. Love what’s yours. Rock what’s yours.

6. You and your hair are amazing. You’re versatile, flexible, and unique. WERK IT.

This list is definitely not exhaustive and every day, I learn or am reminded of differnt lessons by the simple act of doing my hair. What are some natural hair lessons you’ve learned?

– Chinedum Okandu

Ivery Arie
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