The Afropolitan Home

Find out how two female CEOs are transforming the homes of many!

Two business partners, Chinonye Egbulem & June Benjamin, join creative minds to transform homes with a taste of Africa. Keep scrolling to read up on the exclusive interview from the CEOs.  Also, there are great offers for discounts on by using the offer code IVERY. 

What inspired the birth of JOONAFRICA?

We were frustrated with the lack of functional household goods reflecting our Afropolitan experience. We would see commercials at night advertising everything from water bottles for your dog to ravioli makers, but never anything catering to our homemaking experience as African millennials. Why are there a hundred apple slicers and no yam or plantain slicers? We want to start solving a major problem in the design industry, specifically designing and marketing to the needs of people who identify as Afropolitan, someone who appreciates the African aesthetic and lifestyle but is always on the go with a need for functionality. For example, wallpaper with contemporary African design that is also removable and reusable. Travel and mobility is often a huge part of the Afropolitan lifestyle, so we try to create items that make life effortless.

What’s your vision for JOONAFRICA – The Afropolitan Home?

Our vision for JOONAFRICA is to change the status quo of homemaking. We want to uplift a voice in the global community that there is a need to invent and innovate for our homes too, life is already hard but home should be a refuge. We want to change the face of what “home” looks like in the design industry and create a marketable space for designers and innovators who want to forward that mission.

How do we start transforming our homes today? 

The holidays are a perfect way to start, visit use discount code IVERY to get 10% off of our special holiday items. This is a great way to try out the quality of our products and add a special touch to your experience at home. Send us your DIY craft and design experiences to @shopjoonafrica we want to learn more about what makes your home unique!

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