The Contemporary African Woman

Welcome to the Contemporary African Woman Blog! I am very excited to be finally publishing the very first post and look forward to inspiring African women of all ages and walks of life thru this platform. CAW was built to empower African women around the world through the experiences of fellow women. We strive to draw […]

Welcome to the Contemporary African Woman Blog! I am very excited to be finally publishing the very first post and look forward to inspiring African women of all ages and walks of life thru this platform. CAW was built to empower African women around the world through the experiences of fellow women. We strive to draw inspiration from others to build ourselves within ourselves. With captivating online content and events, the goal is to inspire, inform, and empower young women worldwide.

The very first post will be dedicated to defining a Contemporary African Woman. On several platforms, I asked both male and female, their description of a CAW. Below are some of the responses I received.

Happy Reading!

“A modern African woman can rock her natural hair in whatever setting, and pull it off with an elegance that still allows her to sit at the table of the corporate boardroom. African women are some of the best self made entrepreneurs I know, and I’m not even sure that’s a modern development. Somehow I feel like African women have always been among the most industrious.”

“A contemporary African woman is one who is educated and presented with multiple choices. Based on her choices, she is able to make an educated decisions on how she wants to live her life.”

“When I think of the modern African woman, as opposed to the traditional, I think of a woman who can balance two worlds. The traditional demands and expectations of finding a husband (or having a husband find her), rearing children, and representing her family well in society. This world is contrasted with the modern world where she too is expected to contribute financially, be independent, own her own sexuality  and represent herself with her career and business ventures. I think modern feminism and attitudes have allowed for these African women to choose whichever path their life goes, be career and family oriented or somewhere in between. African men have also had to adapt to this new woman, who might be their intellectual and financial match.”

“A woman with a traditional mindset but a flare of modern principles. Someone with a balance of both. Someone like me.”

“I would define a Contemporary African Woman as a go-getter who is working hard to better herself. She’s strong, independent, and not afraid to embrace her femininity and sexuality. She follows a religion not because her parents made her but because she genuinely identifies with that religion. She respects her roots and identifies heavily with her culture. And while she wants to get married and is pressured by family, she knows that she doesn’t NEED a man.”

“A woman who is no longer bounded by traditional views.”

“A CAW practices emotional intelligence, is interdependent and eludes quiet confidence. She is also a servant leader. She is not easily downtrodden and is a beautiful blend of admirable traditional values with progressive 21st century thoughts and practices.”

“A women of balance between old and new.”

“I believe a CAW is a women with purpose and knows her self worth. She is proud of her heritage, holds her family together and believes in the evolution of some traditional views.”

“A Contemporary African Woman carries on the dreams of her ancestors. She is able to dream in a new age and inspire others while doing so. She finds interests in what has been deemed unconventional, while still taking pride in traditions. The past, the present, and the future are all manifested in her.”

“A CAW is a woman who works hard to uplift herself despite the odds. She’s a heroine; she’s fights for the rights of her fellow women and children. When the world tells her “no,” she laughs and continues to conquer.”

by Ivery Arie

Artist: CharLa Maarschalk 

10 comments on “The Contemporary African Woman

  1. Jacinta

    This is indeed a wonderful piece of art. I commend your writing.

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  2. Ivery Arie

    Thank you so much Jacinta! Definitely visit again!

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  3. Good job! I love the way you approached this topic. You have people the opinion to share their views and it turned out amazingly well. A contemporary African Woman is one that struggles to balance two words while being pulled in different directions. I used the word *struggles* because no one can survive two worlds with ease. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, consistency, determination and zeal. Why I also said being pulled in different directions at the same time, is because she is first and foremost expected to be strong both in mind and body. She is expected to be up and about when it comes to taking care of her man, her kids, extended family, friends, ect. Even when it’s not convenient for her, she is expected to suck it in, brave herself up and continuosly say *I can do this*. I respect African women a lot, I admire their strengths, will-power and spirit.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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    • Ivery Arie

      Thank you for your response. I definitely agree with you on this. The idea of this was to get an idea of the qualities that make a CAW. The responses I got, especially from the men, were amazing!

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  4. Great post! I love the definitions of what is a CAW. I look forward to reading more of your insights on CAW! Blessings!

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  5. Thanks for posting this. I have been viewing your
    posts for a long time and it always brings me back!
    I’m a long time follower, however I have never been compelled to leave a comment until I started my own gaming blog.

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  6. Ivery Arie

    Reblogged this on IVERY ARIE.


  7. Oh I love the natural hair comment!! I was reading this as I was in the field selling real estate waiting on a client. This gave me a major pick me up! Thank you!


    • ijeoma Ejimadu

      Thank you for checking us out girl! Glad you enjoyed the read.


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