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Podcast: Discovering My Purpose with Kenyetta Nesbitt

Check out our first podcast featuring Kenyetta Marie!

We are excited to be launching our very first podcast featuring Kenyetta Marie. Today, Kenyetta will share with us her personal journey in discovering her purpose and some things she learned along the way. Check it out! Feel free to leave comments and feedback!

Happy listening!

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About Kenyetta Marie

Kenyetta Nesbitt, known in the social media realm as Kenyetta Marie, is a growing millennial trailblazer, public speaker, and leader. Born and raised in a small, rural town in Southeast Georgia, Kenyetta is known for her amazing intellectual abilities and zeal for all things education and professional growth. Read more about her here.

Discussed In This Podcast

Find and order Kenyetta’s new planner: “Discovering Your Best Self” here.

Facebook: Kenyetta Marie

Instagram: @iamkenyetta_marie

2 comments on “Podcast: Discovering My Purpose with Kenyetta Nesbitt

  1. Charmayne Mitchell

    I’m for sure going to listen, just being around Kenyetta and in her presence has been inspiration to me. She always gave me great advice and motivated me to accomplish my goals! Thank Hunni

    Liked by 1 person

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