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Revisit Your Resolutions with these 3 Questions

It's time for a mid year progress report for 2017's resolutions. Ask yourself these 3 simple questions to get you back on track to achieve the goals you set out for the year!

Welcome to the second half of 2017! Ohhh, how time flies…

Just 6 months ago, we were making New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, start a business, get the kids potty trained, finish school, visit family more often, yata yata yata. I’m sure we all envisioned Chapter 2017 to be full of success, laughter and growth but in the heat of the moment, we make a list of all these things we want to accomplish but never go back to check our progress.

This leads me straight to my point.

Where is your list of New Year’s resolutions?   

Go find it… Take your time.

Found it? Okay cool.

Now, I would like for you to ask yourself these three questions.


cross-it-of-your-listFirst off, congratulations on your progress so far! The goal of this question is to assess the current status of your list. With the many things going on in our lives, it is an amazing feeling to get things done and out of the way. There is something about striking a pen across an item on a list. Ahhh, the fulfilling sense of accomplishment. Not to mention, it makes the list a little less intimidating. Now you have crossed off the items you have completed, you are left with those you have yet to finish.


6362424801891056641327859281_writing.jpgI recently dusted off my list to check my progress. While things like Launch the Ivery Arie blog and Travel more often have been “completed”, I quickly realized that things have changed since I last visited my list. As a result of these changes, my goals had to change. Just like in January (or December for you early birds), you can rewrite or edit your initial goals to suit your present situation.

WAIT, there’s more! We are going to use a different technique to set these new goals.

SMART Goals. I’m sure your teachers or bosses have mentioned this one or two times (or 12).

The principle behind SMART goals is that they have to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Based.


Take me for example.

Initial Goal: To travel more often.

Revised Goal: Visit 3 countries outside of the US before December 31st to learn new cultures and meet new people.

As you can see, it covers all 5 tools from the SMART theory. Now you have figured out the goals you want to accomplish in the next 6 months, how do you make sure you are able to complete them?


This is when short term goals come into play. You have a big picture of what success is for you, but what steps can you take now to get to your ultimate goal?

From my previous example, it could look something like this:

June – October – Save up $2000 for trip to Ghana and Benin; monitor flight ticket prices.

August – Purchase flight tickets to Ghana and Benin; Sort out living arrangements and tours.

November – Block out vacation time on calendar for work, complete all necessary projects, travel.

GoalSettingImageOf course, the level of detail is up to you. I suggest doing this as often as you can. Maybe monthly, quarterly or twice a year, which ever you choose (I’ll start taking my own advice). I would hate for a woman of virtue, such as yourself, to waste a whole year only for the same list to be recycled the following year.

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