Life New Beginnings 2.0

July – New Beginnings 2.0

We begin each year with the fire and drive as we strive to achieve our long list of goals, dreams and resolutions. But as the second quarter begins, we lose the motivation we once had. All of a sudden, the reality of life begins to kick in, we go back to our old habits and lose sight of the goals we set in the beginning.

Last week marked the beginning of the second half of 2018. While I am still trying to figure out where the last 6 months went, i console myself with the good news that we still have 6 more months to make our goals a reality. That means, YOU STILL HAVE TIME, if you choose to FOCUS.

In July, we hope to rejuvenate your spirit, provide tools and resources to realign with your goals and other motivational content on the blog and social media sights to ensure you finish 2018 strong. So watch this space.

Also, this month, Ivery Arie is hosting their first event that focuses on “Building Soulful Relationships Among Each Other”. If you’re in the Los Angeles area July 21st, 2018, feel free to stop by and engage in the interactive self improvement group and make new friends! Hope to see you!


Ivery Arie
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