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3 Steps to a Better You

As the new year progresses, many of us are pondering about the best ways to improve ourselves. Success begins with self-improvement. Here are three keys to a better you and a better year.


What hasn’t worked for me? What are some positives and what are some negatives? Remember when the rich man asked Jesus what else he could do to better himself as a perfect disciple? Jesus told him to get rid of all of his belongings and follow him. Even knowing his weakness, the rich man could not change his ways. Self-reflection is not merely acknowledging your faults, it’s also about your willingness to alter them. Be self-aware but also dedicate time for self-improvement.

Consistently disciplined.

You can never conquer the mountain. You can only conquer yourself. You may not be able to control your environment, but you can control how you react to it. When you see basketball players like Kyrie Irving make impossible layups consistently, it’s not just based on talent. It has been noted by LeBron James himself that Kyrie practices those shots on a regular basis until the impossible is now the norm. Because of that, LeBron now includes those high difficulty layups in practice so that he too can achieve some of those wild shots as well, to the point that we now see it as a natural ability. With this example in mind, stay consistent in all that you do, and you too will be able to conquer your mountain.

Relaxation and meditation.

When you are thinking about martial arts, it is not just about conquering the body, it’s about overcoming the mind. To be a successful fighter, you have to know yourself better than you know your enemy. Fighting is not just about knowing your opponent’s next move, it’s about knowing how you will react to your opponent. Work on your mind so that only you can determine how you act in any situation that life throws at you. Do not let your opponent determine your destiny.

By Chinedum Ukandu

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