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Kliit Health: Changing Women Health Education

We had the pleasure of interviewing Crystal Evuleocha, the founder of The Kliit Health, Inc. She shares her journey to revolutionizing women health education in multicultural communities.

1. Who is Crystal Evuleocha and what drives her?

Crystal Evuleocha

Crystal is an African women. Entrepreneur. I am a doer. I am driven by action. I do not wait until things are perfect before I make a move, I just do it.

2. I know you have been very busy lately with some projects that you have recently made public. What inspired the birth of the KliitApp & KliitGives?

Kliit Health Inc. is a female reproductive platform that serves to empower women to take charge of their own reproductive health. Kliit Health’s mission is to empower multicultural women with vaginas to take charge of their own health. Using the Kliit App, women can monitor their menstrual cycle, track their exercise, mood changes and many more.

Kliit Health was inspired by a personal story about my background and how women’s health was not discussed in my family. One day, sitting on my toilet seat (this is were most of my ideas are born haha), I began to think about a more proactive way women can stay on top of their health. That’s when Kliit Health was born.

Kliit Gives is the non-profit arm of Kliit Health. We strive to provide a safe space for every woman to share her story and receive the care, support and help she needs to navigate through life. Our goal is to make her a rockstar at life, family, work and love.

3. I am curious, why “Kliit”App?

Haha. I love that question. Kliit is a play on the word clitoris, the most important organ of woman’s reproductive system. Not only is the name captivating, it breaks the shame associated with talking about women’s health.

4. We talked briefly offline about the need for your organization especially among our community of women. How exactly can the KliitApp revolutionize women’s health education?

There is a huge lack of education in our community – multicultural community in general. Due to the failure to communicate stories and talk to children about women health, it’s had adverse effects in these communities. That’s were Kliit Health comes in. We provide access to education through the KliitApp. With virtual consultation, educational blog posts by experts and tracking features for your personal health. It equips them with the power to take charge and to be the road map to better health outcomes and life style.

I don’t like the statement “I don’t see color.” Research shows that there is a huge trust issue that lies between patients and doctors. Patients tend to gravitate towards women of their cultural back ground. The reason why is that our color, our sexual orientation, our backgrounds, shape who we are as people, and who better to understand you, if not someone who can relate to you challenges. It helps that you acknowledge and embrace who you are so you can understand your body and attend to you personal needs. We seek to close the equality gaps in health care by connecting women with multicultural doctors – black, Hispanics, Asian, etc.

5. So far, what would you say the most challenging part of starting the business has been?

Outside of incorporating and building a team, the most challenging part of the journey was the controversial name Kliit. While many people thought the name was the best way to start the conversation, more conservative women and OBGYNs needed more convincing. The name is direct but that was exactly my goal – to break the ice.

During my interactions with many OBGYNs, they were taken aback by the name Kliit, but their reaction was not surprising to me. Society has made the word vagina a vulgar word, that even when professionals have to publicly talk about women reproductive health, they have to say “V” or “down there” or even resort to pointing and gestures.

My second challenge was the process of incorporating. I used a platform called Legal Zoom to register my business, but I had to submit additional documentation to prove that my company was actually educational and empowering for women.

My journey has challenged me to take back the names of women’s organs from those who made it a vulgar or bad name. Until I started my company, when I Google search “clit” or “vagina”, the first view links are adult videos and pornography websites, but we need to change that.

6. So, I have personally check out the website and I am simply blow away by your progress and what you have in store. What’s next for the KliitApp?

We are growing our team and currently self funded, so the next step for Kliit Health Inc., is to start raising money and gain traction on the app. We are continuing to interview women and test our product to make sure we are catering to our community of women. We also have an event coming up soon, V- Season Ladies Night. This event is a celebration of self-love, story sharing, giving and empowerment. Join us on February 24th, 2019  at the Rita House in Los Angeles, CA. You may get your tickets here.

Interview by Ijeoma Ejimadu

Ivery Arie
Author: Ivery Arie

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