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6 Memorable Quotes You Missed at Her Tribe Dallas

On April 27th, 2019, Ivery Arie Her Tribe held her very first event in the heart of downtown Dallas, TX. This weekend was nothing short of amazing!  The women of Dallas were simply blown away by the wisdom the panelists shared and their experience as leaders. Special thanks to Part 2 and T and K Hospitality for the support and providing the amazing food for the event. Beginning the day with a short icebreaker, all the attendees shared a female leader they aspired to be and the leadership qualities they admired.

Moderated by the fabulous Renny Abdul, the panelists, Dr. Chisom Unegbu, Adrienne Mullins, Fey Akintitan and Vivian Asonye, shared the importance of self leadership and their personal experiences as leaders in their industry. If you will like to find out more about our panelists, check out their bios here.

Left to right: Panelists Dr. Chisom Unegbu, Adrienne Mullins, Fey Akintitan, Vivian Asonye and moderator, Renny Abdul

It is nearly impossible to capture the experience and wisdom in words but for those who missed out, here are some of the most memorable quotes from this weekend’s session:

“Who told you that you were naked?” – Genesis 3:11

Adrienne Mullins
From left to right: Adrienne Mullins and Dr. Chisom Unegbu

Fear is a real thing we all face, especially when we have dreams bigger than ourselves. Adrienne references the scripture Genesis 3:11 after Adam and Eve had eaten the forbidden fruit. God asked Adam where he was and he responded “I am naked.” And God proceeds to ask, “Who told you that you were naked?” For many of us, we have external or internal factors that tell us that we are naked – that we are unworthy, incapable or simply do not have experience. Next time you doubt yourself or sense the spirit of fear, ask yourself “Who told you that you were [INSERT WORD]?”

“If you actually want to live by the profits that you earn, you have to hustle!”

Fey Akintitan
Left to right: Adrienne Mullins, Fey Akintitan and Vivian Asonye

As an entrepreneur, Fey shares the importance of self motivation and the bitter sweet facts about owning a business. “As an entrepreneur, I eat what I kill, so you have to hustle” Fey says. Many times, leaders are viewed as the person with the least responsibilities and delegate work. Leaders, especially in the entrepreneurial space, have to hustle to find the best team, the best individuals for their clients, and to be the best in their industry. Hustling is a great leadership quality that people need to develop and not wait for opportunities to fall in your lap. You have to put in the time, the leg work and resources to yield results.

“After God created everything, he rested.”

Dr. Chisom Unegbu
Dr. Chisom Unegbu

Dr. Chisom Unegbu shared that the power of rest is undervalued as a leader. One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your followers is to be in the best mental capacity as possible. For those aspiring to be leaders in their business, career, homes or otherwise, this advice is KEY to making sure that you are mentally and physically sound to make decisions and effectively lead a team.

“Your only guaranteed no is if you don’t ask.”

Adrienne Mullins
Left to right: Our Founder, Ijeoma Ejimadu and Adrienne Mullins

Adrienne sheds light on the reality of FEAR. “I always shied away from leadership positions because I was afraid of being the center. Working in production, if the show didn’t go well, the producer was blamed.” One thing a lot of us continue to struggle with is fear and sometimes being a leader is a scary task. But in order to be successful as a leader you must not be afraid to ask questions about the things that you do not know.

“Being a leader is not a position, it’s a choice.”

Dr. Chisom Unegbu
Left to right: Fey Akintitan and Vivian Asonye

Dr. Chisom best describes leadership as a service; and as a leader, you choose to lead people to make a bigger impact. When searching for a leadership role, you need to be connected to the topic and it must align with your values. If the leader is not motivated by the mission of the organization or it simply does not align with their values, it will create a ripple effect to the rest of the team.

“You have to ask yourself those hard questions.”

Vivian Asonye
Left to right: Fey Akintitan, Vivian Asonye and Renny Abdul

Being a leader starts with self. Many of us are motivated to pursue positions of influence simply because of the title. As a leader, Vivian shares how she spends 30 mins every morning to ground herself in meditation and prayers to God. During this time, you have to be real with yourself and have candid conversations with God. It required that you ask yourself hard questions like “Why am I afraid to do this?” “Why am I actually pursuing this position?” “How does my next action tie into God’s purpose for me?” Practicing this helps her let go of her anxiety and fear, so she can operate at her fullest potential, knowing she has laid all her insecurities before God.

Left to right: Renny Abdul and Dean Onwumere

Ivery Arie
Author: Ivery Arie

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