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Her Purpose Campaign w/ Yetunde Akindahunsi

1. Tell me about who you are and the work you do.

I am a first generation Nigerian American, of Yoruba decent. I love food, being outdoors, movies, and traveling. My goal is to travel to every continent, except Antarctica, at least once. I work in the health administration field. In my current role, I pull and create a variety of reports using various programs and databases. I also perform audits, work on contracts, use my project management skills, and serve on various committees. I am the checks and balances for medical, and support staff.

2. What is the most challenging and rewarding aspect of your work?

Challenging: Making sure that I am up to date on all the data changes. At times, these changes come and you may not be aware of them initially. This can be an issue especially since my job has a slew of databases for various parts of my job.
Rewarding: My ability to come up with new ideas and reports, that end up getting used in large settings.

3. What is your purpose and how are you using your career/business to fulfill it?

It took time to find my purpose but I feel that my purpose is to enjoy everyday and help others understand how actions have a domino effect, through numbers. My career fulfills this because I am able to help those in my area, and in other departments, at the drop of a hat, understand the granular and big picture of their actions.

4. How did you discover your purpose and what steps do you take to continuously operate in it?

I always knew I wanted to help others but there are many ways to do this. While obtaining my biology degree, my first thought was medicine, either a physician or nurse. I took a career test because I realized that I didn’t necessarily have to be in the medicine field. After that test and much research, I discovered  the various positions out there that I could pursue. From there, God pulled me towards getting a masters in health administration. Which in turn led me to my purpose of helping others understand how actions have a domino effect, through data.
I continuously pursue my purpose by keeping up to date on what’s happening in my field of health administration. I also pray that God continues to lead me down the right path. 

5. What does the future look like for you?

It is my prayer that I’m able to progress in my career and have a larger impact, potentially on a national level. Continuing on the data/informatics realm in a leadership role. While also using my skills in project management and contracting.

Ivery Arie
Author: Ivery Arie

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    You are awesome! Great read, I feel like I know you better 😊

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    This is awesome soror 💙💛

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