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the relationship between sisters

an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade.

Being a black woman in this world can be out right frustrating but having a long lasting sisterhood can help ease the woes of whilst being “The most disrespected, most un-protected, and most neglected person in America – the black woman”[1] I can attest to this quote because I always had my girls to help me get through many of things in my life, and that is the whole truth. My sisterhood breaks the stereotypes of black women not getting along, not helping each other, or fighting each other over a man – no suh, tuh – if not, my sisterhood built me up and grounded me with the utmost support and yours should too.

Where would one be without the support of a good bond amongst your fellow woman, your “good Judy”? There is only but so much “women empowerment” brunches one can go to in order to find your own tribe. That tribe must be solid and true, so true it can withstand the test of time, distance, and sometimes strife – you just must have it, a solid tribe.

I am always weary of those that say “I don’t have many friends that are girls, that is why most of my friends are guys”, I just cannot see how a fellow guy friend can understand so many different from rating other men to questioning your cycle sync up – men will just not understand. If you had to choose (as a woman), would you choose a tribe of men or tribe of women that you know can be solid? I know I have my solid circle of sisters and I would not trade that for anything (that goes for my blood sisters as well).

If you are having trouble identifying if your circle is true (does not have be a big circle like mine), just take time out and assess the women in your life now, and ask yourself these few questions

  • Does she help me progress or grow as a person (be the best I can be)?
  • Does she tell me the truth to my face?
  • Does she pull me up when I am down?
  • Does she uplift

If she (or they) can fit most of these points, then cherish that sisterhood or build on it. Do you have a sisterhood that you would like to shout out? Let us know what the good aspects of your tribe are.

[1] Quote by Malcom X

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