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Ivery Arie: The Experience in Houston TX

Every year, Ivery Arie hosts an African women empowerment event in different cities. By leveraging local communities and organizations, we attracted 70+ attendees around the Houston area for our 2nd Annual Ivery Arie: The Experience event. We were particularly proud of the increase in the number of male attendees and perspective this year. For our online readers who were not able to make it, we come bearing gifts! We will be discussing the main highlights of this year’s event and why you should be here for the next year’s event.

First, let’s make sure we are on the same page. As you may already know, Ivery Arie: The Contemporary African Woman is an empowerment platform that serves to inspire African women through our own stories. We recognize the need to share our personal experiences to build a sisterhood and positively impact our community, abroad and at home. That’s why this year’s theme was: “Amplifying Her Voice“. Through our panelists, we highlighted the major areas where we can continue to make our voices heard.

ALL Pan African millennial women were invited to take part in an afternoon of empowerment. Ivery Arie: The Experience is an African women empowerment event designed to equip women with the tools and community needed to help you live up to your fullest potential as a black woman in diaspora! During the women empowerment event in Houston, our special guests & speakers offered practical tools and advice based on their unique experiences in the areas of career, culture and self development. 

Before we continue, let us thank all our sponsors, donors, volunteers and the Ivery Arie team for making this women empowerment event in Houston a huge success. Now, for those who missed out, download your very own copy of the magazine for FREE.

What were the main highlights of this year’s event?

Glad you asked! Here are some parts we are STILL obsessing over!

Icebreaker African Bingo Game

To begin the event, we conducted an ice breaker with Ivery Arie’s very own, African Bingo Game. Also, Houston’s very own, OfiliDesigns donated one of his fabulous paintings for a silent auction. The funds raised will be used towards future Ivery Arie Her Tribe events.

Session 2: Let’s Talk Business, Sis

Our second session, Let’s Talk Business, Sis, took the audience by storm. With a powerful and experience panelist, we learned about building businesses and being the “Jill of all Trades.” On this panel, we had Chioma Adure Nwogu-Johnson of Dureevents, Stephanie Nweke of Blademy and Vivian Jokotade Adeniyi of the Jokotade Brand.

Firstly, Stephanie discussed the challenges of being the only most of her life including in her current role in Blademy. She says her diverse, non-technical perspective only helps the team cater to their audience of college students.

In addition, Chioma’s story on how she founded Dure Events, was a testament to how your dreams can fall on your lap through the must unconventional ways.

Finally, Jokotade’s focus on serial entrepreneurship or “multi-passionate” individuals, deeply resonated with the audience. Jokotade describes her self as “Jill of all trades, AND master of all.” She shared practical tips on how to balance different ideas by recognizing there are different seasons for everything.

Our attendees said “this was the best women empowerment event in Houston.”

Session 3: Building Soulful Relationships Panel

The goal of this session to properly define what a soulful relationship means and help people identify toxic relationships. In addition, our carefully handpicked panelists discussed the importance of a sound mental health on building soulful relationships. Moderated by Nia Black Amuzie, we had Eboni Harris, co-founder of Melanin and Mental Health and couple, Paige & John Okpamen, founder of Fighting The Fray.

Here are some additional photos. Enjoy!

Next year, we will be hosting our 3rd Annual Ivery Arie: The Experience in Los Angeles, CA and you do not want to miss it.

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