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Welcome to Black History Month


The month has finally come when Black people are officially visible to the world (we like to believe this). We are thankful that out of twelve months in a year we get one month to ourselves.

As a Nigerian- American, this is a month for me to learn about the history of Black people. With this knowledge, I hope to learn about the role I ought to play in its history.

You know, growing up in Nigeria is different from growing up in the US. And before you go there, I’m not talking of the stereotypical aspect the media only happens to portray. I’m referring to what it means to be Black in America. 

Back home, we were called by our names but since I got to this nation, my skin color speaks louder than my name. Growing up, I learned that a name is worth more than silver or gold because of its significance.

My name is Ozioma meaning Good news so wherever I find myself, that is what I bring to the table. Imagine being a source of good news all the days of your life! No amount of money can replace this gift. This is what I’m talking about hence, I hold names in high regard.

Sadly, in the last five years, my melanated skin has become a form of identity. Honestly, I won’t trade this black magic for anything. At the same time, there’s an unnamed experience that occurs with such a transition.

I can go on and on writing on this issue but that’s not the essence of this post.

I’d like to urge people to read more this month. Learn about Black history especially the accurate history of the origin of Black people.

Dear Black people,

Take time to speak your history this month and educate the ignorant. Live your history this month.

Every day should be Black history day and every month should be Black History Month. But who says it isn’t so?

We always look and wait for people to join our movement before we move or before we believe it’s a strong movement.

It’s your daily duty to know and teach your history every day regardless of who listens.

It takes one person to change a trajectory in life. Who’s says you can’t be that one person?

Happy Black History Month

Blessings & Power,


World of Ajala
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