About Us

Who is Ivery Arie?

Ivery Arie Inc. is a digital media company that serves to inspire the contemporary African woman through her own stories.

For so long, the experiences of the African woman has been suppressed both within and outside the borders of Africa. We exist to empower women to own and control their narratives and personal experiences. With every article and story we share, we challenge our readers to learn more about our diversity, richness and similarities of our culture.

We recognize the need to share our personal experiences and unique stories as it relates to the African woman to build a sisterhood and positively impact our community, abroad and at home. Through rich online content and events, our vision is to create an empowered group of women for the next generation.

Ivery Arie Her Tribe is an extension of Ivery Arie: The Contemporary African Woman, which is an intimate learning and networking experience for women looking to be the best versions of themselves. Through pre-selected topics, we create an interactive space to discuss challenges and develop actionable solutions that can be applied to our personal and professional lives.

Our Values

  • We promote African women empowerment in diaspora and the motherland
  • We are committed to creating a safe space where African women’s voices can be heard and we can draw inspiration
  • We are committed to delivering real and authentic content as it relates to our community

Affirmation Statement

  • I am proud of my heritage and embrace my culture; I am no longer bound by the traditional or societal definition of who I am.
  • I am a woman of strength, integrity and resilience; I cannot be broken or shaken.
  • I am a woman of elegance, confidence and ambition; There is no challenge I cannot overcome.
  • I am a woman of multiple talents, grit and beauty; I am equipped with the qualities to uplift others even on my hardest days.

Today, I have chosen to be an inspiration and positive impact to other African women around me.