Keisha Bottoms: ATL’s Newest Mayor

Democratic candidate Keisha Lance Bottoms emerged victorious on December 5, following a tense mayoral race that ended with a difference of just over 700 votes, according to the latest election results reported by the Associated Press. As expected, the race came down to the wire as Bottoms went head to head at the polls against…

Building Wealth for the Contemporary African Woman

One of the most important qualities of the contemporary African women is her independence. Not having to rely on anyone for her basic needs, and in many cases, people correlate independence to being financially stable. Several months ago, I realized I was getting old and need to start thinking about my future – my financial…

Mid-Year Resolution Giveaway!!!

Hey ladies! Inspired by our latest post, Revisit Your Resolution with these 3 Questions,  I have decided to giveaway an inspirational and versatile planner I purchased a few weeks ago. Below are pictures of the planner titled Create 365: The Happy Planner.   I absolutely loved the planner, so I got two of them. I recently…

Be Like Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda depicts the horrific civil war that occurred in the 90s. What you don’t know is, Rwanda set a very high bar for the rest of the world with their political leaders.

Grades Don’t Cut It Anymore

Ever wondered why the smartest person in your class hasn’t found a job?

It’s because GRADES DON’T CUT IT ANYMORE! More companies are looking for community leaders who are willing to learn.

Your CV Speaks

With more women attending rigorous academic curriculum, many of us strive to put our academic knowledge into practice by landing jobs that will pave way for more career opportunities. Part of that process is writing a resume that speaks of you in your absence. Today, we will be discussing how to build the perfect resume to land your dream job.

The Job Hunt

Corporate America is just a big ol’ competition. To secure a decent job, you have to be the best of the best. You are expected to be a 4.0 student, have exceptional hours of community service, play sports, previous experience, a life and, oh yea, a great personality. Evidently, nobody wants to hire a weirdo…

#HijabFashion: Crushing Stereotypes

Fashionable Muslim women are breaking stereotypes surrounding hijab fashion. Fashion blogging has become a trend on many social media outlets for many women to express themselves and showcase their love for fashion. However, not until recent years, hijab fashion has come to light and a few women have taken it upon themselves to change the […]