Contributing Writers

The Team of Contributing Writers!


Ivery Arie aka Ijeoma Ejimadu is a 20 year old chemical engineer with a passion for women empowerment and writing. She is the founder of Ivery Arie: The Contemporary African Woman Blog and believes in encouraging women of African decent to better themselves through other women’s experiences.


Chinedum Ukandu is a Nigerian- American, science enthusiast, and aspiring medical doctor. I try to take my feet wherever a path can take me. Writing is a passion and I am happy to share my thoughts and experiences as I pursue my own journey as a CAW.


Chinwendu Ejimadu is a student, reader, upcoming writer, Nigerian and supposed comedian. She is a graduating senior at Prairie View A&M University studying biology and chemistry. “We are Africans not because we are born in Africa but because Africa was born in us”.chisom

Chisom Unegbu is a mother of three and currently working on her doctorate in Educational Leadership. She has authored two books and serves as a Sister2Sister mentor. Visit her website at and Facebook page: ChisomTheWriter.


Eleje Nnenaya, born and raised in LA, igbotic blood through my veins. An IT MelaGawdess that blogs or whateva. Follow her Instagram and Snapchat @Nnennayalator. Follow her blog at

Stephanie-Jane is a first generation Nigerian American currently pursuing her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. She enjoys expressing herself through writing and consider it an act of self-care. Lover of my Christian faith, melanin, coffee and witty remarks.

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