Living in Quarantine: The Series

The “Living in Quarantine” video series was inspired by the need to share African women’s stories while they are safe at home or working during the COVID-19 pandemic around the world. To learn more about COVID-19, please visit

Submit Your Story

Want to share your personal experience living during these unprecedented times? We want to hear from you! Here are a few guidelines on video submission:

  • All videos must be a MAX of 10 mins (preferably 4 – 6 mins)
  • All videos must be filmed in landscape mode (Not Portrait)
  • All videos must be filmed in very high quality; poor quality videos will not be accepted
  • Each person must introduce themselves and their title/what they do/credentials that make them credible to speak on the topic at hand in a separate video.
  • You must submit THREE high quality photos of yourself or you doing what you love for our social media pages.

In your video, you should answer the following questions:

  • Name, where you reside and what you do
  • How has the present COVID-19 affected you? Talk about how the coronavirus has affected you and your immediate community (are you currently working from home, going to school online, on lock down, travel restrictions, etc)
  • What are you currently practicing to be healthy/safe/productive/mentally stable/socialize? 
  • Discuss how you personally stay updated with the news and some progress that has been made in your community
  • Any unique perspectives to offer/is relevant to the discussion

All submissions must be sent to our email by April 20th, 2020