Mid-Year Resolution Giveaway!!!

Hey ladies! Inspired by our latest post, Revisit Your Resolution with these 3 Questions,  I have decided to giveaway an inspirational and versatile planner I purchased a few weeks ago. Below are pictures of the planner titled Create 365: The Happy Planner.   I absolutely loved the planner, so I got two of them. I recently…

The Pursuit for Happiness

Originally posted on IVERY ARIE:
What does happiness mean to you? Is it quantifiable? Can you put a dollar value to this strong sense of fulfillment? At the expense of our happiness, we have fallen victim of chasing false dreams others think will bring us joy.  We fear that we may be ridiculed because our…

Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth narrates Chisom’s inspiring weight loss journey and transition to making healthy living a lifestyle.

Be Like Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda depicts the horrific civil war that occurred in the 90s. What you don’t know is, Rwanda set a very high bar for the rest of the world with their political leaders.

School’s Out!

Thinking about what activities to enroll your kids in for the summer? Find out more on School’s Out by Chisom, a mother of 3.

Stop Crying

See what Nnenna has to say about guys complaining about bride price. Brace yourselves!

The Never Ending Spiritual Growth Journey

Personal spiritual growth is an essential part of development and self realization. Many African women seek for spiritual growth in widely practiced religions like Christianity, Islam and Traditional African religions. Discover the essence of embarking on the spiritual growth journey.

Grades Don’t Cut It Anymore

Ever wondered why the smartest person in your class hasn’t found a job?

It’s because GRADES DON’T CUT IT ANYMORE! More companies are looking for community leaders who are willing to learn.