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Life Motivation

The Pursuit for Happiness

What does happiness mean to you? Is it quantifiable? Can you put a dollar value to this strong sense of fulfillment? At the expense of our happiness, we have fallen victim of chasing false dreams others think will bring us joy.  We fear that we may be ridiculed because our dreams may appear to be […]


The Other Room

The Other Room “I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen, and my living room and the other room.” This very statement was made by the most powerful leader in Nigeria last year during his visit to Germany in retaliation to his wife’s criticism of his leadership and […]


Living in a Distance

At last! After all these years, I was finally able to have my very own family reunion. To see my relatives in our natural elements and to be reunited was truly remarkable because I was living in a country distant from relatives. Coming back to Nigeria, in a sense, was like watching a film. Everyone […]

Career Life

How Sway?

Ever wondered why some people bother with the phrase “no disrespect”, right before they disrespect you? Well, if you are the least bit sensitive (subconsciously or consciously) over a vocal woman discussing topics of undesirable treatment in the workplace- then discontinue reading this article. So, shall we proceed? Women in unison: “YES INDEED!” It may […]