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Guy's Corner

Bride for Sale

By popular demand, Ivery Arie: The Contemporary African Woman has finally launched, Guy’s Corner. In many African cultures, a man must fulfill marital rights that includes paying a “bride price.” Does bride price contradict the idea of gender equality? What does it mean for the Contemporary African Woman?


Your CV Speaks

With more women attending rigorous academic curriculum, many of us strive to put our academic knowledge into practice by landing jobs that will pave way for more career opportunities. Part of that process is writing a resume that speaks of you in your absence. Today, we will be discussing how to build the perfect resume to land your dream job.


The Gentlewoman

What are the misconceptions of Miss Independence in relationships? The pre-existing conceptions of how an independent woman should act in relationships is the main problem in society. The problem isn’t with independent women. Women like this constantly break the restraints in gender roles.