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Access to Healthcare: Effects of Racism on Black Women (Part Two)

A psychosocial perspective concerning reproductive and sexual health for Black women acknowledges the role of institutional racism in preventing properContinue Reading

Access to Healthcare: Effects of Racism on Black Women (Part One)

Institutional racism is an integral part of the greater system preventing black women from having access to healthcare of anContinue Reading

The Gaming Industry: Finally Claiming Our Space

Gaming has been presented as a predominantly male-catered field. Apart from the obvious diversion from seemingly feminine attractions, the pastelContinue Reading

Hymen Testing: A Legacy of Glorifying Virginity

The recent story with famous rapper T.I. and his daughter reminds us of the many external pressures on women and how they choose to conduct...

Mary Sibande: Challenging the Imposed Domestication of the Black Woman

The liberating power that art holds is not to be underestimated. Art is able to speak for groups of peopleContinue Reading

Colonialism Reparations: The Royal Excursion Through Africa

The excitement of watching the Duke and Duchess of Sussex travel across Africa via their well-updated Instagram page is undeniable.Continue Reading

Revolutionize Manufacturing: The Genesis of 3D Printing in Africa

The introduction of Fourth Industrial Technologies into the African context poses exciting possibilities; this uncharted territory of progressive technology interminglingContinue Reading

The Xenophobia Crisis in South Africa.

The disillusionment of a collapsing colonial regime in the post Apartheid era fractured multiple facets of the South Africa society,Continue Reading